It might be either because you’re running low on your prescriptions and don’t have any refill yet, or running low on medication but can’t pay out-of-pocket. Perhaps, you were in a hurry and forgot your new bottle of medicine at home. Or maybe, that you were just stubborn and didn’t care if you went too high on your dose now.

Whatever excuse you have towards taking the ungodly amounts of your prescription, better stop now! You are not making any savings at all. You even make things worse.

So, let me save you from the risks and dangers of the wrong dose. Here are four reasons:

1. For any medicine to do its job, take the prescribed dosage of drugs at the right time to keep drug levels in your blood high enough.
Missing even a single dose of medication causes these drug levels to drop that they may no longer be sufficient to provide a cure. Accumulated missed doses could allow your disease to go back and become resistant to the drugs during the period of non-adherence can now survive and replicate even though the patient is back to taking medications correctly.

2. The more you drink an inaccurate measurement of your medicine, the more that your body no longer reacts to the drug therapy.
Diseases tend to develop over time when exposed to the treatment. Your medication may hinder its growth. However, if you keep on missing the right dose or giving yourself the right amount of drugs, your disease will develop an immunity before you can be cured.

3. While you keep yourself treatable with other drugs, there will be fewer options available.
Higher generations of drugs may also mean more expense. Typically, more complex drugs have a different grouping, resulting in higher copays or out-of-pocket costs.

Hence, drink just the right amounts next time.

4 Reasons Why Your Body Needs Just The Right Dose Of Medicine At The Right Time