Drugs are primarily invented to treat and prevent illness. Today, the general public recognizes two purchases, namely, over-the-counter and physician prescribed medication. OTCs are a safe variety anyone can get with an identification card from a pharmacy. Prescription drugs, on the other hand, require doctor’s consent for a few reasons.

Unwanted Resistance

It is a common mistake to overlook dosages when taking unprescribed medication. An amount taken too little will inadvertently lead our bodies to develop an immunity or resistance to the drugs’ healing property. For this reason, some people who have been taking the same medication for the longest time do not get well. Meanwhile, large dosages can worsen symptoms and lead to complications.

Adverse Reactions

These responses when a prolonged or a cocktail of medications are administered into our bodies. Adverse reactions could also be considered as drug poisoning in which they are classified as mild, moderate, severe and lethal. Fatal reactions include organ failure, internal hemorrhages, and cardiac disorders. You may want to think again before popping that pill into your mouth knowing how dangerous assumptions can lead.

Misuse and Abuse

Borrowing, taking, and missing medication, whether prescribed or not, at the wrong interval are considered misuse. Doctors are required to instruct patients how and when to take medicines as they are acutely aware of the risks and effects.

Sedatives and tranquilizers are some of the most abused drugs. Without prescription and instruction about the proper use, taking these in the wrong dosage and duration can lead to a life-changing addiction.

Keep in mind that we always want medications to produce the results expected of them. It wouldn’t harm seeing a doctor for a consultation than can decrease the risks involved when taking medication.


3 Reasons You Need to Reconsider Taking Unprescribed Drugs